Token Gates

Token Gates

Gate content, merch, bounties and airdrops

To gate your discord server, go to Token Gates and create a new gate, or edit an existing one. Toggle on Manage Discord Role, and select the role that you want to connect to that gate. Make sure to re-order your roles so that the “Bonfire” bot is above all other roles.

Here’s the written step by step:

  1. Choose the action you’d like to complete from Page, Airdrops, Bounties or Store
  2. Fill out your action
  3. Click the token-gating feature button
  1. You can choose to gate by All of the Assets, or Any of the Assets
  2. Pick the Network between Rally, Ethereum and others, and the Type between Coin or NFT
  3. When gating by Rally Coins, remember to add the name of your coin in CAPS, without the $ sign, and choose the number of coins
  4. When gating by ETH, choose between ERC20 or ERC721, and paste the Contract Address

  1. You can add gating functionality by clicking Add Requirement or remove by clicking the X

For premium incentives, you are able to gate per-person or per-token. Gating per-person ensures every unique person who's holding one of the tokens can claim the reward, with the downside being that someone can technically redeem their token, sell it, and the new purchaser would also be able to redeem. Gating per-token ensures no single token ID can be used more than once to redeem rewards, with the downside being that it may not be clear to purchasers on secondary markets that the token they're buying has already been redeemed.

We’re here for you. If you’re struggling with token gates or have encountered a bug, please reach out on Discord or in our Chat (found in the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard).

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