Set Up Your Store


The Store provides you shopping cart functionality and assists you in building an economy around your coin for goods and services. You can list multiple products/services, and price them in either your coin or in USD. Gating certain ones with minimum coin holds, and delivering links and promo codes as part of the purchase to your people.

Potential Use Cases

  • I want to sell tickets to a live event, and give every person who purchases access to my private Discord community
  • I want to sell T-shirts, and give every person who purchases a free ticket to a live event


Before you create a Store Item, review the following considerations:

  • Have all the information for your product/service ready
    • Picture
    • Description
  • Have a list of promo codes available in CSV format
    • 1 column
    • 1 promo code per column
    • Enough promo codes

To get started, click Create Store Item.

Creating a Store Item

Viewing your Store


The list of items that you have created for your store.


This is what your Store looks like


And this is what your Item page looks like.