Setting Up Your Account



Thanks so much for being an early adopter of Bonfire and helping us improve the product. For any issues, feedback or feature requests, shoot us a message at hello@getbonfire.xyz, (404) 271-7237, or just hop in the Discord and say hi!

Signing In to the Dashboard

We're currently invite-only, and you'll only be able to sign-in to the dashboard if we've already created a Bonfire page for you. If you know you have a page and are still having issues signing in, please email Melissa at melissa@getbonfire.xyz, or text us at (404) 271-7237.


  1. Go to the Dashboard sign in page
  2. image
  3. Input the email address associated with your Bonfire account (we'll ask you for this email when we're setting up your page), and click Sign In. You should see a message notifying you to click the link in your email to continue signing in
  4. image
  5. After clicking the link in your email, you'll be taken to a page to connect your Rally account. Select Connect to Rally, and input your Rally creator account credentials to connect your Rally account to your Bonfire account
  6. image
  7. And that's it! Once you're authenticated you'll be taken to the Dashboard Home page, where you can view your coin community details, create drops and bounties for your community, and configure your store and rewards hub.
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