Custom NFT Drops

How to Create Custom NFT Drops

Create and own your own tailor-made contract, picking from a variety of features and build out a personalized minting experience through Bonfire. No coding experience needed!

Through a partnership between Rampp and Bonfire, we've made custom contracts and custom minting experiences possible. The advantage of creating your own contract through this partnership is that you can easily and affordably build it exactly to your wants and needs, using no code. Beyond that, you won’t be at the mercy of gatekeeping platforms for your next drop.

We’ll divide this guide into a 2-part process:

I. Creating the custom contract on Rampp (Rampp only supports Metamask atm)

II. Creating the minting experience page on Bonfire

I. Creating custom contracts

Rampp allows you to create custom contracts for generative and non-generative NFT collections. If you’d like to create a contract with generative NFTs, check this video (FYI this will require some coding knowledge). If you’d like to create a contract with non-generative NFTs, check this video.
  1. Visit Rampp
  2. Click Launch a Project and connect your wallet
  3. Choose a type of token
  1. Fill out the contract information details, features, payouts, header mark, and IPFS
  2. Click Generate Contract — Keep in mind this will cost some gas to deploy and might take around ~3 minutes.
  3. Before deploying your contract onto mainnet, make sure to test it! Once it is live on mainnet, it cannot be edited or undone. Check this Rampp guide on trying it out on testnet.

Follow this step-by-step video tutorial for further explanation:

Now that your contract is ready, it’s time to create a customized minting experience on Bonfire.

II. Creating a custom minting page

  1. Go to Tokens > Token Contracts > Import Contract
  2. Fill out the details to import the token contract and click Import Contract
    1. Choose the Network, Type and copy-paste the contract address
    2. Range of IDs (Optional) means the contract you’re importing includes several tokens that aren’t yours. This usually happens with “platform contracts”, e.g. Zora has a single contract and they’re minting every creator’s token under that one contract.
    3. image
  3. Go to Store and click Create Product > NFT Drop
  4. Choose the contract and add all details such as Name, Description, Start time and add an image and click Create. Note: The Mint button will only show up on the Start time.
  5. Yay! You can now share a link to the NFT drop in your Store. Below is an image of what the experience will look like.
From the Store you can already start selling your NFT drop! If you wanna customize the minting experience you can go to your Studio and add the drop by using a Product Block. Remember you can drag and drop a variety of blocks into your page, so feel free to get creative with your minting page.
  1. Go to Studio > Pages > Add Page and choose the type of page you want to create
  2. Fill out your page settings, go back to studio and click on the Blocks
  3. Drag and drop the Product block into your page
  4. Select the NFT drop and click Save Changes
  5. Now that your NFT drop has been added to your page, you can drag and drop any other blocks to create a custom minting experience.
  6. Once you’re happy with your page click Publish Page

Read our case study on Daniel Allan’s custom NFT drop for inspiration.


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