Pricing in Social Token vs. USD



When specifying currency amounts for drops, bounties, and rewards, you can choose whether to set the amount in your creator coin (default), or in a US dollar's worth of your creator coin. In other words:


= 5 WOMXN Coin

I.e. this reward costs exactly 5 WOMXN


= 5 USD worth of WOMXN Coin

I.e. The price in WOMXN gets calculated realtime based on the current coin price

Regardless of this selection, all transfers still take place only in creator coin. We also only show amounts to community members in creator coin; if you set a value in USD, we'll add a ~ any time we're showing the converted amount to site visitors, so that they know the amount shown is only an approximate value.


1) Set price in WOMXN, exact price gets shown to site visitor in WOMXN


2) Set price in USD, estimated price gets shown to site visitor in WOMXN. E.g. if WOMXN = $2...


Why the 2 different options?

We've heard from creators that there are compelling use cases for both options, and having the ability to choose is valuable. For example:

Example 1: If you're setting the amount of coins someone needs to hold to access a private Discord, you may not want that reward to be dependent at all on your coin price. Otherwise, members could gain or lose access based on the changing coin price, rather than holding more or less of your coin.

Example 2: If you're setting the price of a merch item, you may want to specify the price in USD. Otherwise, your merch could get more or less expensive (in dollar terms) as the coin price changes, which may not be desireable depending on the reward.