How to Create Airdrops (Direct Send)

How to Create Airdrops (Direct Send)

Airdrops via Direct Send are a great way to conduct an airdrop for specific people within your community. Please note that to complete airdrops through direct send you must have recipients’ email addresses saved in a CSV file.

Important: Before creating an airdrop, make sure that you have enough coins in your Escrow Balance to cover the amount you wish to send in the drop.

Here’s a written step by step:

  1. From the Home tab of your Bonfire dashboard, click Create Airdrop or visit Airdrops
  2. Choose Direct Send
  3. Give your airdrop a Name, this will help you to identify the airdrop at a later moment
  4. Optionally add a note. Use this space to add context, instruction, or detail for the recipients of the airdrop. This will be included in the email that they receive once you submit the drop
  5. Upload the CSV file. The CSV must be structured as follows:
    1. No header row
    2. Column A - 1 email address
    3. Column B (optional) - how much each recipient will receive. This gives you the opportunity to set different amounts per individual. If we detect a 2nd column in the CSV, we'll override the amount input in the form on the Direct Send page

See template CSV file. No more than 1000 unique addresses are allowed per direct send airdrop

  1. If you’d rather distribute your airdrop equally, select how many of your coins each person will get
  2. Click Confirm

And that's it! Your drop is now on its way to select community members. Below is an example of the email confirmation your community will receive once you send them their airdrop.


When to Direct Send Airdrops?

  • To reward a cohort of existing community members for an engagement or activity they performed
  • To attract and incentivize community members from your mailing list
At the moment, this functionality is only available to rally creators. We are working hard to make it available to all of you.


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