Token-Gated Merch



This guide walks through how to set up an exclusive merch drop using Bonfire and your Shopify store (or other e-commerce platform). You can drop merch to coinholders in a few different ways:

  • Give away free merch to coinholders: Anyone holding enough of your coin unlocks the ability to claim free or discounted merch
  • Sell merch in your creator coin: List your merch in your Bonfire store and let your community purchase it using your coin
  • 💡

    Pro tip: Give your community a discount off of the Shopify store price as a perk for being a coinholder


In order to set this up you'll just need the following:

  • A Shopify storefront where your merch is on sale
  • A CSV of unique promo codes for your Shopify store
    • If you're working with a full-service merch partner like Metathreads, they should be able to provide this for you
    • If not, here's a free Shopify app that will generate unique discount codes for you
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      Important: This CSV should be a single column of codes with no title row


The rest is easy! For this walkthrough I'm going to show you how to give away free merch to coinholders as a reward.

1) From your Bonfire dashboard, go to Create a Reward

  • Give your reward a Name, Image, and set how many of your coin someone needs to hold in order to unlock it (the Holding Requirement)

Make sure the Quantity exactly matches the number of unique promo codes that you have

  • Provide a Description for the reward, and if there's any particular information you want to collect from people who claim the reward, you can specify that where it says Instructions for "Note" Box

2) Upload promo codes & link to Shopify store

These next steps are for the section that says Hidden Info or Post-Redemption Info, depending on what type of reward it is

  • Provide a Confirmation Message to be shown to people who've claimed this reward
  • Where it says Link (Optional), paste the link to the merch item in your Shopify store
  • Instead of putting a single code in the Private Code (Optional) field, click Import Unique Discount Codes, and upload your list of promo codes
  • 💡

    Important: This CSV should be a single column of codes with no title row

  • Click Create!

And that's it - now tell your community about the drop!

Share your Bonfire page with your audience, then just sit back and relax. Between Shopify and us, we've got the rest covered 😎

What your community members see...

When a visitor arrives on your Bonfire page and connects their Rally account, here's what they'll see:

  • If they don't have enough coins, we'll show the reward as locked with a tracker letting them know how close they are to unlocking it
  • If they do have enough coins, they'll see a Claim button. Upon clicking Claim, they'll randomly be provided a promo code from among the remaining unused codes. We'll then mark that code as used, so no two people will ever receive the same code
  • When all codes have been distributed, we'll update the reward to show an "All Claimed" tag so folks know what's going on