Bonfire Studio Walkthrough


What is it?

The Bonfire Dashboard is your command centre for managing your crypto community. It is broken up into two major sections:

  1. Navigation
  2. Heads-up display

At a glance, the Dashboard gives you quick access to all the features of Bonfire; a quick way to manage your page, delivering the top level metrics on your coin, as well as engagement highlights from your community members who have interacted with your Bonfire page.



While it may seem that the Bonfire features have some overlap with each other, they each satisfy specific use cases that creators have in managing, growing, and rewarding engagement in their communities.


This is the easiest way to distribute coins to your community. You can either create a link, that is available to anyone who stumbles upon it, or directly send coins to a specific cohort of community members.

Airdrops are very useful as a hands off method for introducing people to your community, giving them an (any) amount of coins, so that they may join your community and take a look around before committing to purchasing coins before hand:

  • The Claimable Link, has the least resistance in that you can set it up, and people who come across it can get quickly and easily claim the drop
  • Let's say you have a list of email addresses of people you wish to attract to your community, Direct Send would be the way to do it

Bounties give you the ability to incentivize and reward behaviours that a member of your community may engage in:

  • The Referral Bounty gives you the ability to reward people for promoting and referring members to join your community
  • The Follow Bounty gives you the ability to incentivize someone to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, etc
  • Now the catch-all, the Custom Bounty is a "start from scratch" mechanism that gives you the ability to create really specific bounties that are rule based, time bound, interactive (i.e. upload a picture of the hamburger you are eating), or all of the above

Many crypto communities offer Rewards for holding a certain number of their coins be-it discounts on merch, 1-on-1 private meetings, NFT's or just more coins. Rewards provides the ability to deliver these benefits to your community. You can set different holding requirements, instructions, private links (i.e. private Calendly link to book time with you), as well as promo codes for discounts on purchases.


Sell products and services. I could say more, but why? It's pretty simple.


This is juicy for creators and community managers. While platforms like Rally provide their creators access to more information, Bonfire takes it a little further:

Top Coinholders A downloadable list (CSV) of your top 100 coinholders, with their holdings of your coin
NFT Holders A downloadable list (CSV) list of all the NFT's coin holders in your community own
Members A downloadable list (CSV) of your community members who have interacted with your Bonfire page


Change the style and images on your Bonfire page

Resource Hub

Documentation and help guides


Email us if you need help (hello@getbonfire.xyz)

Sign Out

It's just good hygiene to log out when you're done.

At a Glance

Real time top-line coin metrics from your community.


Your Pubic Page


Quickly copy the URL of your page, or open to view it.

Quick Actions

Quickly create an Airdrop, Bounty, Reward, or Product (coming soon).


Escrow Balance


In order to be able to fulfill Airdrops, Bounties, and Rewards, you will need to keep some coins in the Bonfire escrow account. This area provides you a real time balance of your escrow account with the ability to deposit and withdraw (back to your community wallet) coins as you deem necessary to manage your community activities through Bonfire.


Top line metrics on your communities engagement through Bonfire.