Reviewing Bounty Submissions

Reviewing Submissions

  1. From the Bounties tab in the dashboard, you'll be able to see the bounties that are live, as well as whether you have any new submissions
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  3. Click on a bounty to see the bounty details, including high-level information and any submissions you've received. For each submission you can Approve or Reject it, and new submissions will show up in the Needs Review tab
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  5. Click on a submission to see the details of that submission. You'll also see action buttons to Approve & Pay Now, Approve & Pay Later, or Reject
    1. Approve & Pay Now: This will approve the submission, and automatically send the bounty amount to the user (from your escrow wallet)
    2. Approve & Pay Later: This will approve the submission, but not initiate a coin transfer. You can use this when you'd like to manually issue the payment at a later date
    3. Reject: This will reject the submission
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  6. Once the number of approved submissions reaches the Quantity you set when creating the bounty, the bounty is complete!