Creating Airdrops (Direct Send)


What is a Direct Send Airdrop?

Airdrops, via Direct Send, are a great way to conduct a drop for specific people that you have an email address for. They won't appear on your Bonfire profile (so that non-intended recipients can discover and participate in them), and will be available only to those directly via email.

Potential Use Cases

  • You want to reward a cohort of existing community members for an engagement or activity they performed
  • You have an email list of people that you want to attract and incentivize to join your community


Before you create a coin drop, review the following considerations:

  • You must have enough coins in your Bonfire escrow balance to cover the value of the drop
    • If your escrow wallet runs out of balance and someone tries to claim your drop, the transfer will fail
  • A list of email addresses in CSV format
    • Column 1 = email address, 1 address per row
  • Only 1000 recipients can be targeted in each drop

How to Create a Direct Send Airdrop

Step 1

From the Home tab on your dashboard, or in the Airdrop tab, click Create Airdrop

Step 2

Select the Direct Send button at the top of the screen (it is set to Claimable Link by default)


Step 3

Give your drop a name. This helps to identify the Airdrop in your list

Step 4

Optionally add a note. Use this space to add context, instruction, or detail for the recipients of the drop. This will be included in the email that they receive once you submit the drop

Step 5

Upload CSV file. The CSV must be structured as follows:

  1. No header row
  2. Column A - Email address
  3. Column B (optional) - how much each recipient will receive. This gives you the opportunity to set different amounts per individual for whatever reason you may have. If we detect a 2nd column in the CSV, we'll remove the Amount that was input field from the form (Step 6), but you'll still have the ability to select between your coin vs. USD

Step 6

Set a blanket amount that each individual will receive as part of the drop. This can be set in you communities coin, or in USD. Please note that you escrow wallet requires to be funded before the drop, otherwise the transfer will fail.


Step 7

Double check everything then hit the Confirm button to launch the drop!