Setting Up Your Store (for goods & services)

Setting Up Your Store (for goods & services)

Here’s the written step-by-step:

  1. Go to Store > Create Product > Basic Product
  2. Fill out the product details and add an image
    1. You can choose to select the quantity, make it into a limited-time offer by adding a start and end time, and even gate the product if you’d like
  3. Add in any post-purchase information — this information will be shared with the buyer once the transaction is complete
    1. Confirmation Message: You can add a message thanking them for their purchase or ask for additional information
    2. Private Link: This is useful if their purchase gives them access to a specific webpage, discord channel, or doc
    3. Private Code: This is useful if their purchase either gives them a discount on a future purchase in your third-party store like Shopify, or if you’d like to complete the transaction on Bonfire, but have them redeem their purchase on another site. This step will require you to create Unique Discount Codes on your other store beforehand. More information here:
      Integrating with 3rd-Parties
  4. Click Create

You can sell the item or service you just created in your store in the Studio by using the Product block feature. This way you can customize your shopping experience.

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