Creating Custom Bounties

Creating Custom Bounties

  1. Go to the Bounties tab in your creator dashboard, and click Create Bounty
  2. image
  3. In the Name box, give your bounty a name
  4. (Optional) If you'd like, you can add an Image to the bounty
  5. In the Description box, give your bounty a description
  6. In the Bounty Amount box, set the amount each community member will receive for successfully completing the bounty
  7. You can specify this amount in your coin (e.g. 5 $KKCR coin), or in USD (e.g. $5 USD worth of $KKCR coin). See more about specifying values in your coin vs. USD here

  8. (Optional) In the Rules section, you may add 1 or more rules to be communicated to community members along with the bounty
    1. The rules boxes support markdown, enabling you to add links and formatted text to your rules
    2. To add a link, use the following syntax: [text](URL) - E.g. [rally](https://rally.io)
  9. (Optional) In the Quantity box, you may add a quantity of times the bounty can be claimed. You'll still manually approve each submission before any coin is sent
  10. (Optional) In the Start Time and End Time boxes, you may add times for when the bounty should go live, and expire. Submissions can only be made within this window.
  11. In the Submission Type section, you may choose what submission types to accept. You can choose between accepting Text & Image(s), just Text, or just Image(s)
  12. Click Create!

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